Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

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Led by residents and the greater Central community; Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization works to support and strengthen the Central neighborhood in the areas of community building, economic development and housing through engage and informed action, fostering a neighborhood where everyone can thrive.


Central neighborhood is a safe, clean, vibrant community, where all residents are active participants, united in strengthening the quality of life and economic stability of the neighborhood.



Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) is a community driven neighborhood organization. All activities are developed and executed by those who live and work in Central neighborhood. CANDO is run under democratic process and while we understand that whomever participates makes final decisions, we hold the value that those who participate are empathetic and understanding in that their decisions effect many people. We encourage continued education for everyone in our community in the areas of culture, community dynamics, economic development, government and housing. We strive to provide opportunity for growth through learning for all. We as a community invest in the whole of Central neighborhood.

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