Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

Out with the old, in with the new

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website after almost a half a year of planning! You’ll see things are starting to look pretty spiffy around here as it’s all been completely redone from the ground up. A few of our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, easier for us to manage/update and reduce the overall maintenance cost.


Our new website has been active for about two weeks now yet a lot of hard work is still remains ahead of us.


Time to celebrate small victories


I want to highlight some of the items we delivered with this website re-launch

  • Home page – Created a new homepage layout. Pretty slick
  • Calendar – Our new calendar allows you to quicker find events in Central and nearby neighborhoods.
  • Blog – Successfully transferred old blogs to our new site. We want to protect our history
  • Donate – Link to our Razoo site
  • Resources – Consolidated and published Board of Directors minutes for last seven years in a pdf format
  • Live chat – Now you can see when we are available and can engage with us via live chat. When we are not available, it allows us to send us an email. How cool is that!?
  • Translation – Language selector which allows us to translate our site into Spanish and Hmong
  • Email sign up – Sign up to receive important news from the Central neighborhood via email
  • Twitter and LinkedIn – Created a Twitter and a LinkedIn page. Connect with us!
  • Facebook – Integrated Razoo (Donate site) and MailChimp (email signup) with Facebook


We feel good about the work we put into this so far and hope to completely add all of the content over next couple of months. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below or send us an email.


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