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New Accessible Homes Grant from CANDO makes life at home easier for neighbors


Wow, 2015 has been such a busy year! With the change of seasons is an opportunity to show all the hard work our neighbors did this summer to make Central a vibrant and inspiring community where everyone can thrive. Many of our summer projects focused on home improvement; today’s post is about making homes more accessible.


Emanuel is a energetic 6 year old living with his mom here in Central. Due to a physical disability he has to work harder to get around than most kids his age, but he’s never let that slow him down! His mom wanted to make it a little easier for him to get in and out of their house and started talking to her neighbors about her idea. By connecting with her neighbors she found out about CANDO’s brand new Accessible Homes Grant and immediately applied. We at CANDO thought that her idea was the perfect use for this grant and, at our public 2015 Curb Appeal Lottery drawing, we proudly announced her and Emanuel as the first ever recipients of the Grant!


This wasn’t just a CANDO effort; everyone that worked on the ramp volunteered their time and labor to make the project as affordable as possible. Mike Hoyt and several other neighbors lent their expertise in designing and building a functional and beautiful ramp! Completed in late July, this ramp will make it easier for Emanuel to get outside and play with his friends, and it will make it safer for him to get in and out of the house over the winter.


Do you know some one in the neighborhood overcoming physical challenges to get in and out of their home? Do you know an elder that would like to stay in their home but needs to remodel to make it more accessible? Do you already have a ramp that is in dire need of upgrade or repair? Please contact us at CANDO, we would love to work on more projects like this and have funding in place to do so! Let’s work together to make sure everyone in Central has every opportunity to succeed!

Antoine Martinneau

Housing and Economic Development Organizer


For more pictures of the building process click here

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