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How to join our efforts for a #CBANOW

We at CANDO are excited to develop a comprehensive Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the Seward Community Co-Op and show what smart and inclusive economic development can do for our neighborhoods! Do you want to join the conversation and show support for a CBA? Do you have a Facebook account? If you answered “yes” to these questions we have a very easy way to get involved:


1.) Print out the following sign:

If you don’t have a printer just stop by our community space at 3736 Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis, MN and we will give you a free copy!


2.) In the blank space after “I SUPPORT A FRIENDSHIP STORE THAT” write down what impact you want to see the store have in the community. For ideas you can pull examples from our draft CBA here.


3.) Start a post with the picture on your Facebook timeline with a sentence saying why you think it is important to negotiate a CBA TODAY! For example: “I want to see people in my neighborhood working at many of the 100+ jobs at the new grocery store opening here!”


4.) Add hashtags! This is a way for people to show solidarity with other people posting about the same thing. Just type in #CBANOW and, if you are a member of the Seward Co-Op show that this is an issue for members too by typing #ownersforCBA


5.) Last but not least, make sure Seward sees our posts by tagging the Co-Op in your post. Go to the Seward Community Co-Op facebook page (here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/Seward.Coop?fref=ts) and like their page. Then add the text @seward to your post and Facebook will give you the option to tag the Co-Op in your post!


6.) Click Post and you’re done!

Marjaan Camille IMG_2718AntoineMelissaTaylor

Above are some example pictures of community members who have already shown their support. After you post your picture don’t forget to go to the official CANDO Facebook page and click “like” for more updates and opportunities to be a part of our work in the community!


To join our CBA efforts, 2015 Summer Door Knock, Neighborhood Task Forces, or to learn more about our organization please e-mail me at antoine@thecentralneighborhood.com


Thank you for your support!



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