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Happy Holidays from CANDO


Dec 13


Dear Central Neighbors and Friends,

Thank you for another great year in the neighborhood! We would like to extend best wishes to you, our community and fill you in on the great things to come in 2013. We are honored to serve Central and looking forward to another great year of growth and connectivity. In 2012 CANDO launched it’s Commercial Grant Program and we are proud to say that Central Businesses have been able to access funds to better their buildings! We also we able to launch a new Housing Emergency Grants Program, offering our community access to get help for emergencies in their home. Our Neighborhood Fair was a blast with Salsa Dancing, Live Music and lots of community members!

The CANDO Board of Directors will meet on Monday January 14th, 2013 at 6:30 PM in the CANDO Office (Room 304 in the Sabathani Community Center). Our committees are continuing a hiatus because we want to ensure we are at our best before beginning anything new. The CANDO office will be closed from Monday 12/24/12 to Thursday 1/3/12 for the Holiday season. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page and like us to stay up to date on what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Letter from Eric Weiss, CANDO President:
It’s the time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions. A time where we take a step back, review the successes and failures of the past year, and look to the future with a renewed sense of opportunity. Every year, I try to make personal, financial, and community related goals. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to break resolutions. I know I did, just ask my waistline and checking account! Fortunately, I’ve found that when I am committed and accountable to someone else I’m more likely to follow through. That’s why I am writing to challenge all of you this year to commit to the neighborhood and be accountable to your neighbors, the people you see on the street, and those working long hours to run the many wonderful businesses and nonprofits in our area. Your resolution can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but I’m asking you to make at least one! Here’s a list that may help you:
1. Commit to meeting your neighbors. Our neighborhood will only get stronger the more we know one another. We all live within fairly close quarters and it’s silly not to say hello. Knowing your neighbors can have many benefits – you may make a friend, have someone to go to for a cup of sugar, or learn about a culture unlike your own. Start with “hello” and go from there! Bonus points: Invite a neighbor over for dinner.
2. Commit to clearing the sidewalks and alley of snow. We all know how hard it is to get around in our cars when the roads are slick. Imagine what it’s like for those in our neighborhood who are elderly, moms with strollers, or people in wheelchairs when the sidewalks aren’t cleared fully. Let’s clear our sidewalks to make them accessible to all. And this means the full length, not just one shovel-width of a clearing! Bonus points: Clear your neighbor’s sidewalk. It will bring a huge smile to their face when they find someone beat them to it.
3. Commit to picking up garbage once a month. Unfortunately, we have a number of litter bugs in our area. Let’s not let them trash our neighborhood. Grab some neighbors, gloves, and a garbage bag and pick up the fast food bags, cigarettes, and candy wrappers that are scattered about. Best would be to give yourself a specific date, say the 3rd Saturday of the month, and stick to it. Bonus points: Clean up the alley in addition to the sidewalk.
4. Commit to hanging out in your front yard. Too often we are secluded in our backyards, which prevents us from meeting our neighbors. Try spending some time in the front yard – plant flowers, have a picnic, play a game, or grab some candles and lawn-chairs and just people watch. Bonus points if you take down your front yard chain-link fence!
5. Commit to reporting crime. Crime, big or small, is not a value of Central neighborhood. We all need to take a stand and report crime and tell those that commit crime their actions are not welcomed in our community. If you see a crime, do not assume others will make the call. Do not hesitate to call 911. Bonus points for downloading the 311 phone app and reporting graffiti.
6. Commit to visiting a neighborhood business. We have so many cool businesses in Central and the greater Powderhorn area. Instead of leaving the area try spending your money locally. Make a day of it – grab coffee at Blue Ox or Café SouthSide, shop for household goods at It Takes a Village and Covet Consignment, eat lunch at Modern Times Café, stroll the many shops of Lake Street, enjoy dinner at Safari, and then see a play or art exhibit at Pillsbury House, Fox Egg Gallery, or The Third Place Gallery. Bonus points if you leave the car at home and instead bike or walk.
7. Commit to attending a community event. There’s a lot to do so get yourself out of the house. Attend a CANDO meeting, watch the May Day Parade, enjoy fireworks at Powderhorn Park, go to your blocks’ National Night Out party, visit the Central Neighborhood Fair, or just stop in at a neighborhood meeting place like Hosmer Library or Sabathani Community Center to see what’s going on. Bonus points if you volunteer or put on an event of your own.
Our neighborhood is pretty awesome but, as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. Together we CANDO. Let’s all collectively make 2013 the “Year of Central.”

We hope to see you in 2013, enjoy your holiday!

Yours in Community,

CANDO Board of Directors and Staff

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