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Community Benefits Agreement Draft Proposal to Seward Community Co-op


May 15


Dear neighbor,

As you may have heard and seen, the Seward Co­-op is expanding and building a new grocery store on the sight of the old “Sabathani/Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church” on the corner of 38th Street and Third Avenue. This is the largest commercial development project in our community in decades and it has the potential to bring with it much-needed jobs and other benefits to the neighborhood. It also has the potential of accelerating gentrification and leaving out local residents from the opportunities it will create. In order to ensure positive impacts for the community from this project the neighborhood associations of Central (CANDO) wants to work with the Seward Community Co-op in reaching an agreement.

A Community Benefits Agreement is a legally enforceable contract, signed by community groups and by a developer, in which the developer agrees to specific outcomes defined by the impacted community.

We ask for your thoughts on these principles and invite you to participate and to help draft this agreement.


A complete working draft of the CANDO proposed CBA follows the principles below.

The CBA will be based on the following set of principles:


Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) Principles

  •  Jobs – Hire from the local community so that the construction workers, store employees, management and organizational leadership reflect the neighborhood’s demographics.
  •  Socially Just Economic Development – Support small and minority owned neighborhood businesses and affordable housing initiatives.
  •  Local Food System ­ Support the growth of a sustainable local / neighborhood food system.
  •  Board Representation – The Seward Board should have proportional representation of community members of the new store.
  •  Membership/Ownership Reflects the Neighborhood – Support recruitment of immediate neighbors and make membership/ownership affordable for low income residents.
  •  Language Accessibility ­ Ensure that people who speak all primary neighborhood languages are on shift at all times and that Seward outreach materials are in neighborhood languages.
  •  Culturally Relevant Nourish Program ­ Ensure the foods in the Nourish program are culturally relevant to our communities.
  •  Accessible Space for the Neighborhood – Provide free community meeting space.
  •  Transparency And Accountability To Neighborhood ­ Report monthly or bi­monthly to neighborhood associations on meeting the Community Benefits Agreement goals.

CBA draft to Seward_5.27.15

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