Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

Letter from Council Member Elizabeth Glidden to CANDO, BNO and Seward Community Co-op


Jun 15


Dear CANDO, BNO, and Seward:


I write in response to a conversation with Henry Jimenez to update me on CANDO’s position regarding a community benefits agreement with Seward Coop. I have seen the letter posted on CANDO’s website from CANDO to Seward, and know Bryant Neighborhood Organization has discussed “community benefits” or “mutual benefits” with Seward as well.


My understanding is that this would potentially be a three party agreement between Seward Coop, BNO and CANDO. Each organization has, to date, determined their preferred negotiating strategy and proposals for agreement terms. The city is not a party to this proposed agreement, so I have not been part of the decision-making process on negotiation strategy and proposed terms as the three parties work toward agreement.


My hope is that productive discussions between all parties can get back on track. This is important not only for negotiating a proposed agreement, but also for the ongoing relationship between organizations for the future. The public communication I’ve seen indicates that all three parties are willing to consider a benefits agreement (whether it is called a CBA or mutual benefits agreement).


I would like to suggest that we bring parties together, with an experienced facilitator, to talk about setting ground rules for future discussions. I make this suggestion as it appears negotiations continue to get off track due to mistrust between the parties and other issues of concern. Finding agreement on ground rules might address some of the underlying issues and allow negotiations to move forward, as determined by the parties. I am working together with Council Member Cano, who is also concerned about the process and has a similar desire to help with facilitation resources if that is of assistance to the parties.


I know that any suggestion must have the agreement of all three parties – BNO, CANDO, and Seward Coop.


Thank you for your consideration.




Elizabeth Glidden I Council Vice President
Eighth Ward Council Member I Minneapolis

350 South 5th Street – Room 304  Minneapolis, MN 55415-1382

612-673-2208  elizabeth.glidden@minneapolismn.gov

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