Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

CANDO Welcomes A New Board of Directors


Nov 11


CANDO is proud to announce it’s new 15 member Board of Directors.  The CANDO Annual Meeting was well attended, with community members coming out to enjoy a gourmet meal, cooked, served, and grown by the Paradise Garden kids at Pillsbury House!  An open house before the meeting gave residents and business owners a chance to talk to Board members and committee chairs and see what has been accomplished over the past year.  Board nominees spoke eloquently about the great things they wanted for Central and how they would contribute as Board members.  Then the votes were turned in to be counted by the League of Women Voters.  As they always do the League of Women Voters ran a great election and results were announced to end a great Annual Meeting.

The 2012/2013 Board of Directors:

  1. Micheal Bennet
  2. Teresa Douglas
  3. Lucas Forsberg
  4. Cole Hiniker
  5. Sara Huelle
  6. Frangena Johnson
  7. Matt Kley
  8. Greg McMoore
  9. Hilary Meyer
  10. Dave Peters
  11. Ranisha Robinson
  12. Mike Stebnitz
  13. Luke Stultz
  14. Victor Suarez
  15. Eric Weiss

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