Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

CANDO Safety and Crime Prevention Conference

The Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) is pleased to announce its Safety and Crime Prevention Conference. The goal of the conference is to reach out to all the residents, businesses and landlords of the Central neighborhood in Minneapolis and share information about safety and crime prevention.

The conference will have seminars, break out sessions and information tables to provide education to the community. The first half of the conference from 10:00 am to noon is geared towards businesses and landlords. Then from noon to 3:00 pm the focus will be on residents.

The conference will be held on Sat., April 9th, at All God’s Children Church at 3100 Park Ave. CANDO is bringing exciting guest speakers to the conference. For landlords, Jennifer Spadine will speak on tenant screening and interacting with tenants legally; Luther Kruger will speak on how to create healthy living environments. Karen Notsch, a crime prevention specialist with the Minneapolis Police Department, will cover robbery training for business owners. For residents, the conference will feature a seminar on personal safety by noted self-defense trainer Mary Brandl. Break out sessions for block clubs will cover block leader training, problem solving and a forum as well as home security and preventing auto theft. Karen Notsch will be a featured speaker in these sessions. CANDO will offer refreshments, a free gift bag of safety and crime prevention goodies and lots of chances to win prizes! Information tables will offer education on everything from animal safety to how to use 311 and 911 properly. CANDO is adding educational opportunities for the conference everyday!

CANDO is the official organization for the Central neighborhood in Minneapolis. CANDO works with residents, business owners and investors to create a healthy, safe and growing neighborhood. Education, organization, and positive growth are all aspects of the community and CANDO strives to give Central neighborhood residents the tools to achieve in all of these areas. For media inquiries, questions, or interviews please contact Hannah Crumb Community Leadership Committee Chairperson and Treasurer of CANDO at 952.297.4958.

Speakers’ Biographical Information

Mary Brandl
Learn to recognize a possible attack in the making and what role distance, awareness, body language, tone of voice, etc. can play. Simple “last ditch” physical self-defense techniques will also be presented, practical even for people who have little physical skill or ability. Instructor Mary Brandl has worked with numerous crime victims services for over 30 years and has presented workshops throughout the state, nationally and in Canada. She is a 4th degree black belt with Midwest Karate Association and co-author of the DVD and book entitled Scenarios in Self-Defense.

Karen Notsch
Karen Notsch is a Crime Prevention Specialist with the Minneapolis Police Department assigned to the 3rd Precinct. Karen has been on the department for 20 years works to organize block clubs and businesses, teach crime prevention and work on neighborhood livability issues. She has been an instructor for the Minnesota Community Policing Institute as well as an instructor contracted by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Jennifer Olson Spadine, Guardian Property Management & Small Apartment Maintenance
Jennifer began her career in property management in 1991. From 1991 to 2002 she worked for two large corporations. During her tenure there she advanced to Director of Leasing where she oversaw 15 large properties and headed a team of 50+ leasing associates. In 2002, she went to work at Guardian Property Management (formerly the Poseidon Companies). In 2004 Jennifer won the MADACS award for best leasing. That same year, she purchased the company she was employed with. The company managed 127 units for 30 owners with a staff of 4. Her business plan focused on growth and continued exceptional customer service. Under Jennifer’s leadership, Guardian Property Management won the MADACS award for Best Team in 2008. Jennifer also substantially expanded Guardian’s client base and business. Today, Guardian Property Management manages and/or maintains over 650 units throughout the metro area and servicing 180+ owners with a staff of 14. As a business owner, Jennifer is an involved member of the real estate community. In addition to being involved with a host of networking groups, she does several speaking and teaching engagements each year. Jennifer serves on the MMHA’s Independent Owner Committee and is actively involved with the City of Minneapolis ’ 38th & Chicago Redevelopment Plan.

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