Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

A Grocery Store Near You?


Jun 13


Central Neighbors and Friends,

The Carrot Initiative and Seward Co-op have been working to bring a co-op to you, the community!  Below you will find links to all the information, frequently asked questions and some press coverage concerning this development.  The planned site for the Friendship Location is on 38th Street and Clinton Ave, the location of the Friendship Church before they moved several years ago.  Please take a look at the resources below and contact Carrot Initiative or Seward Co-op with questions you may have.

This will be a “living blog” and more information will be added to it over time.  Please check back as new information and resources is shared.  Also, check out our calendar for Community Meetings concerning the Friendship Store.


Carrot Initiative Information


Includes up to date information and FAQ on the Friendship Store, as well as how to get involved.


Seward Co-op


Includes information on the Friendship Store, FAQ about the Co-op and how to contact them.

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