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2016 CANDO Budget, Plan Modifications and Changes to Bylaws – Neighborhood Meeting Dec. 11, 2015 5-7pm Celebration 7-10pm


Oct 15


2016 CANDO budget, Plan Modifications and changes to Bylaws – neighborhood meeting notification:

Dec. 11th 2015 @ CANDO offices 5-7pm – Celebration to follow afterwards.

Dear Neighbors,

We want to make you aware that the CANDO Board has voted on a 2016 CANDO budget along with several plan modifications to NRP Phase I and Phase II funds. Due to the amount of money that is being moved from different strategies a neighborhood vote is necessary. We would like to invite you to be a part of the decision making process. As a Central Neighborhood member you will get to provide input, make suggestions and vote on the new modifications and balance the 2016 budget. This will ensure a unified neighborhood 2016 vision for Central. (See attachments for 2016 budget and plan modifications).

CANDO 2016 budget with Plan Modifications


Our Executive Director, Henry Jiménez is available to talk to folks individually or in group prior to the meeting to assure you have and understand the information you need.


Neighborhood party to follow to support the CANDO 2016 vision!


See below for an outline of the meeting schedule:


Schedule for December 11th 2016 meeting






Plan Modification



Bylaw Changes



Board Member Election



Public Announcements



Food and Music Celebration


We will start the evening with an open informational session regarding the CANDO Board of Directors, proposed changes to CANDO’s Bylaws and an overview of CANDO’s proposed Plan Modifications for 2016. There is currently a vacated seat on our Board of Directors so at 6:20 there will be an opportunity for interested neighbors to join the CANDO Board; we will give people a chance to address the meeting and then hold an election for the vacant seat at that time. There will be free food available from 7-10 pm, during which friendly staff will be available to discuss proposed Plan Modifications and Bylaw changes. We will be accepting ballots throughout the evening.

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